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There’s a good chance your contact center is getting the job done. There are objectives being met, procedures are in place, and your operation is running at a solid industry standard. But in today’s market, is that enough?

These days, customers are making tough choices. Who is really there for them when they need it? That choice includes where they do business. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the contact center is where those relationships are either strengthened or broken down. So, is it worth considering coaching, guidance, and customizing a program to take your contact center to the next level? We think so. Let’s talk about how.


Have an Open Line of Communication Between You and Your Staff


An organization is built by its employees. The best contact centers give their representatives plenty of opportunities to provide feedback on what’s working for them and what’s not. Not only does this provide you with valuable insight into their day-to-day, but it also allows you to equip your team with the tools they need to bring a pleasurable experience to the customer. Often times, if there is a hiccup in the customer management process, a contact center representative may have a possible solution. If there are things that make your staff’s day more difficult, addressing the problem head-on can prevent it from growing into an unhealthy working environment. 


Beyond that, having an open line of communication with your staff creates a flow of information directly from the customer to you and back. From there, you can make more informed business decisions at all levels of your company. If there are pain points–places where customers fall off–like extended wait times, confusion related to your product, or other issues, hearing about it sooner than later makes handling the situation possible. Are there certain messages customers respond positively to? That communication lets you know. 


At ARC, a quick 15 or 30-minute survey gives you all the internal foresight you need to accomplish what your organization set out to do.


Set Clearly Defined Corporate and Customer Service Goals


Having a target is a great way to take the first step towards improvement. It’s crucial that there is an internal alignment between what your organization is setting out to do and what it is your customer’s need. Additionally, having goals within your contact center that follow your overall goals allows momentum to be gained, leading to life-long partnerships with your customers. 


To uplevel your contact center, everyone has to be on the same page. That means your vision and direction need to be communicated with your team. What sort of messaging are you putting out to your customer base? Your customer service representatives have more pull than you’d think–word of mouth spreads just as quickly as a well thought out commercial! 


When the message is clear and company-wide objectives are set and communicated, metrics become even more useful. You can measure your CX progress by relating them to the goals you set out at the start. With ARC, you can view these metrics with our call, chat, and email reporting services. With these tools, you gain a detailed, objective perspective on your team’s performance and identify areas of opportunity. 


Coach and Develop your Customer Experience Team


Having a confident team of customer service representatives is key when communicating with your customer base. Imagine calling a business with a problem only to be met with confusion, muddled ideas, and poor interpersonal skills. It sounds like a rough time because it is! However, developing your staff’s service-based skillset, you can set your organization apart from the rest in your industry. 


As with any conversation, it’s a two-way street. That means making sure your team members have outstanding speaking training and even better listening practices. Ongoing or as-needed, on-site training can help unlock the hidden potential of your representatives. As a leader, maximizing your CX team’s capabilities directly translates into a better customer-business relationship. 


ARC can design a customized development program that focuses not only on tactics and communication skills, but Emotional Quotient, leadership, and time management skills. 


The effort you put into your contact center returns in the form of a loyal customer base, a growing audience, and the peace of mind that you are positioning your business for success. 

In today’s industry, every interaction is an opportunity. ARC is equipped with experienced professionals ready to help you gain valuable information—information that will strengthen your brand and uncover unseen value over and over again. If you think it’s time to uplevel your contact center, go to https://arllc.com/ or email us at info@arccps.com.

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