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Call Analysis & Reporting

Call Analysis & Reporting

Valuable Data from Every Call Analysis

Each call that is monitored and evaluated generates an assessment form which scores several key aspects of the individual customer call center experience. Call assessment forms are designed to reflect your unique business needs and can be updated as often and as quickly as necessary to respond to concerns or customer information needs that can arise.

Call center analysis forms can also be crafted to work with other ongoing quality assurance programs. This allows your business to compare ‘apples to apples’ for accurate statistical comparisons across all quality assurance and remote call center monitoring programs.

Our call analysis forms evaluate several aspects of your call center representative’s performance in the following key areas:

Procedural Accuracy


Procedural accuracy addresses specific call scripting issues, including opening and closing, customer information acquisition and verification, and general procedural knowledge on both customer service and call center sales transactions.

Technical Accuracy


Technical accuracy evaluates the accuracy and thoroughness of your call center representative’s responses to specific product and service questions. This section of the call analysis is custom tailored for each client’s unique line of business.

Telephone Information


The telephone information section records the actual number of rings to connect the call, number of phone menu prompts encountered, time spent in the call queue, and time spent on the customer call. These call center metrics give valuable data about the efficiency of your sales, technical, or customer care team.

Phone Manner & Etiquette


The phone manner and etiquette section provides an objective and detailed look at the representative’s overall interaction with your customers. Included are courtesy and professionalism, voice clarity and tone, and problem handling skills, along with how successfully your call center staff conveys caring and commitment to the customer.

Impressions & Descriptive Comments


Every call analysis form includes a section for the auditor to note additional observations and overall impressions. Each and every call ARC evaluates is documented with descriptive feedback on the representative’s phone manner and overall call handling skills.

ARC can adapt the assessment form to include call center metrics that are unique to your industry or organization. We can also create specific call analysis forms to gain further data on areas of concern that have been identified through our telephone mystery shopping, remote call monitoring, and competitive analysis programs.

Call Center Reports from ARC


Call analysis summary reporting consists of a series of organized call center reports, ranging from line by line ratings, to section ratings and prose analysis, our reports analyze each aspect of the call assessment in both individual detail and summary form.


Our call report summaries can be organized to display:


  • Current call center performance metrics
  • Improvements achieved since the last call summary report.
  • Comparisons by question, call center representative, department, and by location.
  • Year to year comparative call reports showing progress towards company goals, or comparing separate call center locations.


Individual reports by representative can be drilled down by date range, score range, and by location and group. All summary call center reporting can be sorted by date range and by department or location. Fifteen standard summary reports, non-prose analysis, and quarterly reports are provided at no extra cost. These reports can be viewed as a web page or exported into PDF, Microsoft Excel or Text Formats. Please contact us for an online demonstration


ARC can also customize call center reports to include any number of variables or questions pertinent to your sales, technical, or customer service operations, depending on the needs and goals of your call center program.

Benefits of Call Center Reporting and Analysis


The call center metrics gained from ARC’s detailed reporting provides a vital and objective call center evaluation for your business. This call reporting gives you the solid data you need to respond promptly to emerging customer service issues, new industry trends uncovered via competitor analysis, and identified training needs for your call center staff.


ARC Online Reporting


All of our call center reporting is now available to our clients online to be accessed at any time.


ARC – is ready to help you plan an effective call center quality analysis program for your company. Take advantage of the highly accurate data ARC can provide through our detailed call center reporting and gain a much needed edge over your industry competition. Contact us at (860) 567-3733 or via our website contact form


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For more information and to set up a free demonstration of our online reporting system, please contact Cheryl Thibault at cthibault@arllc.com or call us at (860) 567-3733.

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