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Remote Call Monitoring Programs

Objective Call Center Evaluation

We know you put a great deal of time and effort into training and motivating your call center representatives to be the best they can be. Working closely with your staff every day can often take complete objectivity out of the picture when trying to evaluate call quality and representative performance. In addition, knowing the call center supervisor is listening in on a call can create anxiety and impact the performance of even your very best employees, making it hard to obtain reliable data.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Objective Call Center Evaluation via Telephone Mystery Shopping

A well-planned telephone mystery shopping program can yield invaluable data about how your customers view the quality of your call center service interactions. Your call center representatives are the front line of your business – accepting orders, resolving issues, and answering product questions. Consistently outstanding customer service can set your establishment ahead of the competition.

Competitor Analysis

Taking a Closer Look at your Industry Competition

ARC Competitive Analysis Programs are designed to objectively compare your company with your competition. We provide an impartial means to measure and compare your company’s strengths and weaknesses against those of your market competition.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Objective Call Center Evaluation

ARC’s Customer Satisfaction Survey programs are designed to provide you with an objective and highly accurate measuring tool for gauging the level of customer satisfaction with your products, services, and call center interactions.

Call Coaching & Onsite Training Programs

Improving Call Center Performance

ARC offers onsite training programs and individual coaching to representatives on an ongoing or as needed basis. Our call center coaching programs focus on customer service skills training and specific call quality issues identified for improvement. Often these needs are identified through our telephone mystery shopping or remote call monitoring services. Our call center training sessions include; Basics of telephone skills & etiquette, Role playing scenarios, Positive reinforcement, Problem-solving skills, Effective listening techniques, and Effective questioning skills.

Call Analysis & Reporting

Valuable Data from Every Call Analysis

Each call that is monitored and evaluated generates an assessment form which scores several key aspects of the individual customer call center experience. Call assessment forms are designed to reflect your unique business needs and can be updated as often and as quickly as necessary to respond to concerns or customer information needs that can arise.



At this time we offer all of our services in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hindi, Korean, Slovak, Mandarin, Japanese, and Thai.


Translation services include full or partial transcripts in the language and translations into English. We are always adding new languages, so please contact us if you do not see the language you need.

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