Because Quality Service Matters.


Who We Are?

ARC was founded in 1996 by Cheryl Thibault. With a home base in Orange, Connecticut, ARC services large and
mall call center clients across the nation and in every avenue of business.

The ARC team is made up of dedicated professionals experienced in call center quality assurance, remote call monitoring and analysis, and telephone mystery shopping. Our company is committed to creating employment opportunities for disabled adults and home-based parents looking for a career that will fit both their needs and their talents.

The ARC Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients deliver outstanding call center service with every interaction through detailed call analysis, call calibrations, individual call coaching sessions, and competitor analysis, ARC works to keep our clients at the forefront of their industry in customer satisfaction and retention.

Excellent Communication Is Essential

In multiple market studies, a clear relationship between outstanding customer service and customer loyalty has been demonstrated time and time again. Consumers are often quite willing to pay higher prices for the value they place on excellent service.


Enterprises that wish to succeed for the long term need a solid call center quality assurance program to make sure customers get excellent, consistent service every time they call. Your service sets you apart from your competition-it’s the key reason your customers keep coming back.

This is your company’s core – this is where the new orders that keep you in business arrive; where client problems are resolved and questions answered; and if you’re doing things right, your loyal customers learn to expect the same quality and attention every time they contact you. ARC is ready to tailor a call center analysis program to meet the needs of your unique business operation.  We help you ensure your contact centers are meeting your customer’s needs.

ARC has years of experience planning and implementing individualized call center quality programs for its many clients. We provide telephone mystery shopping and remote call monitoring services in an impartial, objective manner to give you the most accurate look at the quality of your call center representative’s customer interactions.


All of our programs are designed to provide objective, impartial observations to measure the quality of service provided by your call center representatives. The customer may call the first time due to good advertising or a great price – but it’s your outstanding service that creates loyal customers that keep coming back!


Contact ARC to start planning your custom call center program at (860) 567-3733 or via our convenient website contact form.

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