Because Quality Service Matters.


Who is ARC?


Based in Orange, Connecticut, ARC was founded by Cheryl Thibault and Raymond Moses in 1996. ARC services contact centers of any size globally and in every avenue of business.The ARC team is made up of dedicated professionals experienced in contact center quality assurance, remote call monitoring and analysis, and telephone mystery shopping.


We understand that consistent, quality customer interaction is at the top of your list. That’s why we want to help you set your company apart from your competitors by elevating your brand’s reputation.


The long-term health of any enterprise hinges on its relationship with its customers. ARCs programs make sure you and your business cultivate meaningful, helpful connections, every time. Our company is committed to creating employment opportunities for disabled adults and home-based parents looking for a career that will fit both their needs and their talents.

The ARC Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients provide their customers with superior customer service. At ARC, our goal is to keep our clients at the forefront of their industry by delivering invaluable information. We know every customer matters to you, so every customer matters to us. 

Excellent Communication Is Essential

Market studies show a definitive correlation between exceptional customer service and customer loyalty. Time and time again, customers are willing to pay a higher price when they fell taken care of. ARC will work alongside your team to help make this a reality quickly and efficiently. 

The Contact Center is the hub of your company. It’s where new orders arrive, where problems are resolved, and questions answered. 

ARC will tailor programs to meet the needs of your unique business operation. Rest easy knowing your contact center is meeting your customer’s needs.

ARC has years of experience planning and implementing individualized contact center quality programs. We are experts at providing impartial observations that will give you the most accurate, meaningful look at your contact center’s performance.

Investing in your contact center means investing in your customers. Keep them coming back with world-class service.

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