Because Quality Service Matters.


Because Quality Service
Matters To You.


Professional Remote Call Monitoring & Telephone Mystery Shopping Services
In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace,
businesses must set themselves high and consistent standards for every customer interaction. Nowhere is this more important than in the fast-paced environment of your customer call center.

ARC Call Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Outstanding Service Means Loyal Customers

ARC specializes in programs for small and large call centers. To find out what a custom mystery shopping, remote call monitoring, or competitor analysis program can do for your company, contact us by phone: (860) 567-3733,Twitter: @_ArcConsulting or via email: info@arllc.com.

  • Remote Call Monitoring Programs

    Working closely with your staff every day can often take complete objectivity out of the picture when trying to evaluate call quality and representative performance.

  • Telephone Mystery Shopping

    A well-planned telephone mystery shopping program can yield invaluable data about how your customers view the quality of your call center service interactions. 

  • Competitor Analysis

    ARC Competitive Analysis Programs are designed to objectively compare your company with your competition.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    ARC’s Customer Satisfaction Survey programs are designed to provide you with an objective measuring tool for gauging the level of customer satisfaction with your products, services, and call center interactions.

  • One-To-One Call Coaching

    Our call center coaching programs focus on one-to-one training sessions, working on customer service skills training and specific call quality issues identified for improvement. 

  • Call Analysis & Reporting

    Each call that is monitored and evaluated generates an assessment form which scores several key aspects of the individual customer call center experience.

The ARC Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients deliver outstanding call center service with every interaction through detailed call analysis, call calibrations, individual call coaching sessions, and competitor analysis, ARC works to keep our clients at the forefront of their industry in customer satisfaction and retention.


All of our programs are designed to provide objective, impartial observations to measure the quality of service provided by your call center representatives. The customer may call the first time due to good advertising or a great price- but it’s your outstanding service that creates loyal customers that keep coming back!


Contact ARC to start planning your custom quality program at (860) 567-3733 or via our convenient website contact form.


I feel better now that I know the coach and know all the preparation they put into understanding our company.  I feel like they are part of the team now.  I was impressed with the fact that they have already profiled our coordinators and understand the best tactics to train them with. I feel your company has really invested time and energy into understanding our objectives. There is no doubt we will get better with your continued support.  

- Tom Southerland, Neff Rental

ARC was very receptive to our needs from the very beginning and I could tell that they were going to be a pleasure to work with. Their references were excellent and their pricing was exceptional! They are open to new ideas and very creative – they really go the extra mile to help. We have never had one issue with ARC’s services or support. They really know their product line. It is refreshing to deal with such an honest and flexible company. I highly recommend them to any call center looking to improve their overall operations and customer service levels.

- Jeff Wu, Houston Methodist Hospital

[ARC] was the last of 3 monitoring companies that we used over the course of 3 or 4 years. When we hired them in 1995 we were very satisfied and have not felt the need to look elsewhere for this type of service ever since. Cheryl and her team do an outstanding job of providing honest and objective reviews of our calls. Through the joint effort of ARC and my supervisory team, we are continually modifying our scoring requirements and have achieved great results. Our year round group consistently scores 98 - 100%+ (with bonus points) on their monitored calls [up from 85.5% before working with ARC]. We use a combination of secret shops with remotely monitored calls and additionally we use [ARC] to provide email monitoring. The reports that we receive are very useful and when we request changes to existing reports or the addition of new reports, Cheryl is quick to implement the desired changes.   Regarding ARC I would highly recommend their services. Cheryl Thibault has been a pleasure to work with over the past several years. I have found her to be up front with her comments and she has offered a number of important suggestions for improvement. She completes the work in a timely manner and is very flexible with our requests for reports, etc.

-Kim Heister, Alcas Corporation/Cutco Cutlery

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